Prior to my internship with Lehrer, LLC, I had no experience in the construction industry and very little knowledge of how it operates. Over the past three months, I’ve worked alongside several experienced Project Managers, learning a lot about this dynamic industry. This summer was nothing like an average internship – it was exciting, intriguing, and rewarding – and from the very beginning, I felt welcomed and valued by the Lehrer, LLC team.

Working on-site at construction projects, I was in the midst of the excitement as concrete pours were completed, and witnessed many construction milestones being achieved. Seeing the construction take place firsthand constantly made me want to learn about the small but important details that make up a complex project. By being directly involved in the different projects, I could assist with tasks that contributed to a project’s progression and success, including FF&E packages and budget updates.

Because Lehrer, LLC is a 25-person firm, I formed relationships with each team member and learned about their varied and unique backgrounds. I appreciate the collaborative atmosphere of the firm; it enabled me to learn as much as possible in a short time, and I observed that it also allowed the team members to continue to grow and hone their own skills.

One of the most important things I learned about during my internship was how to use technical construction software programs such as BIM 360, an application I had never worked with before. This platform aims to help Project Managers with their day-to-day tasks by bridging the disconnect between the 2D and 3D renderings and the actual progression of the project. It’s a field management software which generates digital representations of a project’s physical and functional characteristics through cloud-based collaboration, and greatly assists Lehrer, LLC projects. Overall, my experience with Lehrer, LLC opened my eyes to an industry which I was unfamiliar with but can now see a future in!


Laura Roberts

Lehrer, LLC Summer 2017 Intern

Stevens Institute of Technology, Engineering Management, 2018